Beginning the loc journey

Beginning the loc journey

One of the most beautiful things about locs is the journey. To reflect upon the stages of going from loose natural hair to loc’d goodness is always an interesting story. How exactly does one begin the process of locking the hair?

Chaunda ‘Loc Star’ King, owner of Naturals Salon and Spa (located in the historic Jackson Ward area of Richmond, Virginia), offers variety for those with a desire to begin the loc journey:

"At Naturals we start locs several different ways. Comb coils, two strand twists, interlocking and micro locs. In the beginning the hair is very neat. Once the hair starts to loosely mat (budding the 1st step to the locking process) it takes on a different look. Many clients call this the ‘ugly’ stage (the hardest part of the loc journey), because the hair has a mind of its own. Some locs will stick up or out. I like to call this the ‘funky’ stage.

I really love the locs when they are going through this transition. Most of my male clients don’t mind this but I tell my female clientele to make sure to get their brows waxed, big earrings and make sure the lip gloss is poppin’. You have to own it!"

Two strand twists are acheived when the hair is sectioned, divided into two equal parts and twists around one another. The natural texture of the hair combined with technique results in a dainty twist.

Each of these methods may warrant the use of a tool. You are essentially weaving your hair in a pattern (similar to crochet) from the ends to the root. This is an excellent choice for those with textures that may otherwise have a locking challenge. This is also a great alternative for those who desire a smaller loc.

You may also opt to begin your locs with
facebook besthairbuy the aid of extensions. Box braids, yarn braids and kinky twists are a few options. The new growth is twisted while the concealed ends are left alone; later to be cut.

Some take it a step further by abandoning the journey entirely and undergoing loc extensions (also offered at Naturals Salon and Spa). During this process the natural hair is braided while tightly coiled human hair is wrapped around the braid and palm rolled.

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