Elena Lenina’s ‘Hair Tornado’ Steals The Spotlight At Cannes 2015

Elena Lenina’s ‘Hair Tornado’ Steals The Spotlight At Cannes 2015

We can always count on the Cannes Film Festival to bring us some amazing fashion. But with the good often comes the questionable and downright strange.

Enter Elena Lenina, the Cannes regular, who’s seemingly famous for, well, going to Cannes. The Russian reality TV personality attended the red carpet premiere for "Mad Max: Fury Road" on May 14, and no doubt made a major statement.

Wearing an illusion mesh and white lace "naked dress" (complete with angel wings and a flowing skirt), the model made sure to go bold. But her gown wasn’t even the most dramatic part just check out the pic below to see what we mean.

That hair! It must have taken a lot of hairspray and bobby pins to keep that crimped "hair tornado" in place. It really is a sight to be seen. Let’s take a closer look:

That is a serious ‘do. And we feel bad for whoever got seated behind her in the theatre.

But Lenina is never one to play it safe when it comes her hair. At least year’s festival, her mane was crafted into another sky high style, and back in 2013, she brought out all the stops with an array of crazy styles.

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