US: Airstrike Destroys Islamic State Cash Supply

The U.S.-led coalition says its airstrikes hit an Islamic State “cash collection point” this week near IS’s northern Iraqi stronghold of Mosul, destroying “tens of millions of dollars” the jihadists were using to pay their fighters.

The coalition spokesman, U.S. Army Colonel Steve Warren, said Wednesday that Monday’s attack was the second strike in Mosul against an Islamic State financial target in as many weeks.

While Warren said the coalition does not know whether the cash was in dollars or dinars, “we do know we have impacted their ability to pay their fighters in the immediate term.

“As we strike the Daesh cash, as we call it here in Iraq, we are going to see them react to our strikes,” Warren said, “whether it’s storing their cash in smaller amounts, in multiple locations, or whether it’s moving it more often. We don’t want to tip them off to what we see.”

Source : VOA