New Malicious Software Attack Apple Products

Palo Alto Networks Inc. have discovered a new type of malicious software (malware) that can infect a computer and a mobile operating system of Apple Inc. (IOS), underlining the growing sophistication of the attacks on the iPhone and Mac computers.

The software “WireLurker” can install third-party applications on iOS devices with operating systems that are not modified and jump from computers infected Mac to iPhone via patch cords, according to Ryan Olson, director of intelligence at Palo Alto Networks .

Palo Alto Networks on Wednesday (5/11) says it has seen indications that the attackers came from China. The software comes from a third party Chinese app store and it seems to have affected the largest number of users in the country.

The malware is spread through an infected application is uploaded to the app store, which is then downloaded to Mac computers. According to the company, more than 400 infected application has been downloaded more than 350,000 so far.

It is not clear what the purpose of the attack. There is no evidence that the attacker has to get data that is more sensitive than the identity of the application messages and contacts from the user’s address book, Olson said.

But “they can easily take the identity of Apple or do other bad things.”

Apple has not commented on this. Once WireLurker into the iPhone, he can continue to infect applications in the phone, similar to traditional virus that infects a computer software program.


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Malware Attack Some Apple Products in China

The new malware targeting Apple products mostly affects users in China, according to the warning given by a researcher at security firm online.

Palo Alto Networks is headquartered in the United States expressed “WireLurker” affecting Apple computers and systems of mobile applications seems to come from China and mainly affects the equipment in the country.

Malware spreads via app uploaded from third parties and may steal information.

Over 400 applications have been uploaded infected by more than 350 thousand times.

“WireLurker different from what we have seen previously associated with malware Apple iOS and OS X operating systems,” said Ryan Olson, the company’s director of intelligence.

“The technique used suggests the existence of an increasingly sophisticated malicious players in abusing the desktop and the platform of the most famous mobile phone world.”

WireLurker able to move data Apple Mac computer to a mobile phone using a USB cable.

This malware can steal “various kinds of information” from an infected mobile phones and regularly request updates or updates from the server the attacker controls.

Source: BBC

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