Accident Commercial Spacecraft, 1 Pilot Killed

One person was killed and another seriously injured in a plane crash space tourism. Investigators are examining American space tourist plane crash that resulted in fatalities in the state of California, USA. A pilot was killed and another seriously injured on Friday (31/10).

Officials said the pilot of the wounded were bounced from the commercial spacecraft “Virgin Galactic” before it crashed in the Mojave desert in the flight experiment.

The airline plans to sell space travel by plane “SpaceShipTwo” to the edge of space, about 100 kilometers above the earth. More than 500 people have paid money upfront to do with the spacecraft’s tour.

The accident was the second experienced by private US space companies this week.

Tuesday, a commercial rocket unmanned aircraft to bring the goods to the International Space Station exploded a few seconds after taking off from the launch pad NASA in the state of Virginia in the eastern USA.

Source: VOA

Sumber : BPFNews.Com